Photosythesis’ C6H12O6

Photosythesis’ C6H12O6

These bright, white headlights blind me.

They blur my vision and they blur my dream.

They think that they can expose me.

But they don’t know me.

I am photosynthetic.

These blinding, white headlights are my sunlight and they invigorate me.

They invigorate my chlorophyll.

The chlorophyll that colors me green!

These bright, white headlights cannot bleach me.

They stimulate me to color them black as they try to do the same to me.

They mustn’t impede my journey.

My flowers are blooming and those bright, white headlights they do quite the contrary.

They try to blind me but instead encourage me.

Because I am photosynthetic.

Those bright, white headlights – they grow me.

Poetry by Aashi T. (January 15th 2018 – Conceptualized while cycling on the Corniche after a grueling Biology exam.)  


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