Beloved: “Bhaiya”

Beloved: “Bhaiya”


Tears streamed down my face and a huge smile lined my beloved’s face. Three years ago, my brother threw his graduate cap and took a leap into the real world. This meant leaving me and my parents home and spending three-fourths of the year in a distant land.

As proud as I was of him, I understood the melancholy of the moment. The pride and happiness of my life was going to be travelling 14 hours away from me. I detested it. I truly did.

You’ll soon be turning 21. To be exact, in five days and to that I raise a glass of red wine whose contents symbolize your success and happiness. Happy birthday, Adi. I love you more than you will ever comprehendI love you more than the three worded phrase, comprising of eight letters and exactly four syllables, will ever be able to express. And if it is of any solace to you in times of distress, remember that YOU are my happiness and my life. And I say that with complete integrity and meaning. You are my everything, my beloved Bhai.



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