Worlds Without Voices and Ears

Worlds Without Voices and Ears

Three parallel routes.

One was filled with cars and trucks and motorbikes.

Next to it was a lane dotted with two wheeled, stainless steel cycles.

The third was the swaying bay with boats and yachts dancing to and fro.

Three parallel routes.

Three parallel worlds: the kilometers, the calories and the parties.

Under the starry sky, they all looked like mimes.

The darkly tinted windows of a car hid a mother and daughter’s strife.

The solitary woman with her grey-colored earphones on, cycling away from her memories and her grief.

The couple dining on that boat pretending it was love because his wallet made up for his infidelity.

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Saturday Beaches: Read! Chant! Meditate!

Saturday Beaches: Read! Chant! Meditate!

Woah, I haven’t written a blog post documenting my experiences in quite a while. So my 2017 winter vacations have finally begun and today afternoon I decided to take an impromptu stroll around the city. (Well, not around the entire city, just a few parts.)

IMG_20171216_120559056I packed my bag with a bottle of lemonade, my Bhagavad Gita, my personal mālā (chanting beads) and set off towards the Corniche. It took me around twenty minutes to reach the beach. The walk to the beach was pure bliss – thanks to the the mild sun and cool breeze with the occasional trees shading the way.

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A Ballad of Love

A Ballad of Love

Sometimes I wonder if I love you.

Do I love you?

Or do I love the idea of you… The idea of us?

Sometimes I feel hurt.

Is it you that hurts me or is it the heartbreak songs that do?

Why am I trying so hard not to love you?

It’s like falling into a whirlpool and I don’t want to.

Why are we as people, so in love with this materialistic idea of love?

Why do we seek love in strangers when we’re blessed with loving parents and siblings?

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NOTE: This humorous poem is written from the perspective of a man and is meant to be read out loud with dramatics. Also, sorry for the delay. Enjoy!

There you sit.

Round and pink.

As arrogantly as ever.

You have your makeup on.

An extra dose of pink blush. Just enough for you to stand out.

Your insides are filled with a devilish liquid.

I got rid of you a month ago after we broke up.

Back then, you took up too much of me.

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This boat.

This boat.

I am a boat.

I carry my dreams and my goals on my deck, persevering towards my destination.

Surrounding me is the infinite, tempestuous ocean that threatens to divert and drown me.

Up high from the midnight sky, I see a flash of light. And it almost touches my hull.

Like mirror reflects light, the water that tries to pull me down is cast back with ever more intensity and relentlessness.


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